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Feral Cats and TNR:
A feral cat is one who is born and grows up without human interaction. Ferals often live in colonies, in locations where they can find food and shelter. Ferals differ from strays. Strays are cats who are abandoned by a human and they do not live in a colony with other ferals.

TNR is a humane method to help control feral cat colonies. A feral colony can live happily and comfortably with the help of TNR and regular feedings from volunteers.

Review the ASPCA’s extensive information on ferals and TNR program.

Declawing is largely only performed in the US as way to prevent scratching and clawing. Unfortunatley, it is a cruel and painful process – removing not only the claw, but part of the bone as well. It is actually banned in some cities in California, as well as much of Europe, Australia, Turkey, and Brazil.

Please review the information on, which goes into detail of the declawing process and as well as alternatives to declawing.

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